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Hello, everyone!


Here are a few things we'd like to ask you all to do. They're part of good behavior and mutual respect. Thank you!


The ICT4ELT Team



Subject line: When you send a message to the group, the Subject should be specific and match the content of the message

Before hitting the reply button, make sure the subject line matches your message.  If the message no longer corresponds to the subject line, please change it.

This will enable us to find a subject/topic we are interested in more easily.



Replying to a message

Thinking especially of those who receive "Daily digests", we should

  • leave only the text that's totally related to the reply
  • delete everything from the original message that's irrelevant to the reply, starting with that Yahoo "signature" that every message has at the bottom (with different URLs and email addresses) and including long signatures that some people have. The person's name is enough.



Steal lock

When going to edit a wiki page, please do not proceed if you see that someone is editing the page. There is a "Steal lock" button that should not be clicked.


The person editing the page is identified. If s/he is locking the page for too long, please try to send a private message asking if s/he forgot to "Save" the page.


When you finish editing, please remember to click the "Save" button to free the page for someone else.



Here's a useful link with lots more info.

Netiquette (Internet Etiquette)

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