Getting to know each other and course platforms. Introductions


(Week 1: Jan 13 - 19)







José Antônio da Silva (Brazil), Helen Davies (France), Ayat Tawel (Egypt), Maria Bossa (Argentina) and Svetlana Obenausova (Czech Republic) 


Guest presenters:  

Teresa d'Almeida d'Eca & Fernanda Rodrigues  (Tues, 14 Jan., at 17:00 GMT)




By the end of this week you will have






LISTEN AND WATCH OUR OVERVIEW (the Eyejot video below will  give you a summary of what we will be doing this week). We will be exploring this tool a bit deeper in Week 2.





Task 1. Read the Getting Started page and explore the wiki


Task 2. Introduce yourself to the group in under 100 words. Send your message to: ict4elt2014@yahoogroups.com 
For longer and more detailed information about the Yahoo Group, click here


Information to be included:


Task 3. Please copy your introduction into the Participants page.  Directions are found on the top of the page. You need to create an account with Pbworks.
The video below guides you through how to join Pbworks. How to add your introduction and picture to the Participants page. It is very useful for newbies to wikis. 




Task 4. Join our Edmodo Group (this is where comments on readings and live sessions are shared).


Task 5. Get ready for the first live session  on "The ins and outs of Yahoo Groups and Pbworks"  with Teresa d'Almeida d'Eca & Fernanda Rodrigues at Webheads Elluminate vRoom on 14 Jan. The session will be at 17:00 GMT.  



 You don't need to create an account at the Webheads Elluminate vRoom.

Just login with "name_surname" and include your country.

You'll have to allow the download of a java applet to enter the conference room.


Task 6. Post your comments about the live session to the Edmodo Group See below how to proceed to post comments



Task 7. Read this week readings  (at the bottom of this page) and post comments on the readings to the Edmodo Group



Tools to explore





I have....

  • read the Getting Started Page and explored our wiki
  • introduced myself to the group
  • posted my intro and picture to the Participants Page
  • joined the Edmodo Group  
  • attended the live session/listened to the recordings
  • commented on the Live Session using the Edmodo Group
  • commented on the readings using the Edmodo Group
  • explored these tools: the wiki and Yahoo Groups



Suggested readings for further information


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